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Why Join EIGRP? Empty Why Join EIGRP?

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Why Join EIGRP?

EIGRP aims to help people who are deep need for computer assistance. We don't require you to join but we are glad if you will become part of the organization. By joining in this forum, you can:

1. Have references for your programming lessons.
>>> Programming isn't as easy as what you expect. Programming requires logic, a little bit of memorization, good eyesight and common sense. Have all these and you will have an easy time in programming.

2. Learn how to defend yourself from hackers.
>>> Got pawned? Be alert because the Internet isn't a safe place. It is publicly used by everyone and you don't know what are the things that would be lurking around.

3. Learn to repair your own computer.
>>> What sense is to be a computer user if you don't know how to take care of it? Everyone should know how to repair or assemble their own PC's so that you don't need to contact a technician just to repair your computer.

4. Learn to setup a network.
>>> Again, it is really important to know how to setup a network. A computer shop owner could already setup the shop himself if he or she knows networking and wouldn't need any hiring services. So could you.

5. Learn to make your own UTP cables.
>>> Bought a cable and got the end damaged? No need to worry 'cause we demonstrate how to build and repair computer peripherals.

6. Learn to make your own websites.
>>> Wanna know how the Friendster or Multiply was created? Webpage making is as easy as ABC. Webdesigning isn't a programming language but a markup language so it doesn't require too much abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and have fun!!!


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