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The 3 Divisions
Multimedia Team
The Multimedia Team is composed of members who are active enough to participate and work hard for the improvement and wellness of websites runned by EIGRP. The team is primarily concentrated on Web Developing, Graphics Design, Flash Applications, Animations, Video Editing and anything related to interactive programs.

Junior Programmers Team
The Junior Programmers Team is composed of members who are new to programming or object-oriented programming but a fast learner. They are like apprentice who are still in the stage of study but they have fascinating skills. They are advanced in C Language and planning to learn more in higher programming applications. Their existence is vital to the group for they are more reliable and perseverant.

Senior Programmers Team
The Senior Programmers Team is composed of members who are more advanced than the Junior Programmers but this doesn't mean that the Junior Programmers existence makes it inferior to the Senior Programmers. They know a lot aside from C Language. They are very versatile in Visual Basics, C++, Animator, Java (Applet, Midlet, Application), and lots more.


Team Divisions Ubuntu
Team Divisions Red-Horse
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Developer Team
Developer Team

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