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Post  -=-+ w1r1zu +-=- on Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:47 pm

The following rules apply to the whole of E.I.G.R.P., unless explicitly stated otherwise by a member of staff at E.I.G.R.P.

1. If you find a post that you have made has been deleted or edited, do not re-post or revert the post to its original state. Doing so will result in immediate suspension. If you would like an explanation for any given action, please privately contact me.

2. If you provide programs, cracks, etc., be sure it's safe and sound. Learn to say thanks to the provider with proper words and attitudes.

3. Do not post shocking graphic content, or content of a pornographic nature. This includes providing links to such content. We're all educated people here so do not waste what you have learned in school.

4. Share Warez: You may discuss warez, or link to sites where one can download warezed (or pirated) material. ( Which is ILLEGAL by the way, and you can be fined up to $250,000 and 5 years in jail according to FBI) In this instance, we are using the term warez to refer to the following:

* Cracks/Hacks
* Leaked Software (Final or Pre-release [Release Candidates/Beta/Alpha] software that should only be available privately)
* Serial Keys / Activation Keys
* Keygens
* Pirated / Illegal Movie & Music Files
* Methods to cracking/bypassing/removing software validation checks (I.E. Windows Genuine Advantage)
* Any other Pirated/Illegal Material

5. No Racism, No Threatening, No Victimization, or Hateful posts / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members.

6. Do not Harass or Spam other members.

7. Do not give out other members personal information without his/her permission.

8. Images in posts must not contain sexually explicit material, or any obscene nudity.

9. No spamming - do not make worthless posts that do not contribute to the topic of discussion, or make posts containing nothing other than long strings of useless characters or emotions.

10. No hacking a members account.

Abusing the rules will result to suspension in posting or permanent ban.

Respectfully yours,


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The Rules... Red-Horse
-=-+ w1r1zu +-=-
-=-+ w1r1zu +-=-
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